Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'M IN LERRRRRRRVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...with my new TIVO! I bought it last Thursday but Tivo was slow so I didn't get to record Grey's Anatomy and that new show that comes after it. Luckily I was able to record Friday's showing of GA. I'll have to watch October Road on the puter.

I'm loving having it though. I no longer have to worry about Hubster setting the VCR to record, not to mention, using my worn out tapes.

The "season pass" option has already saved me from missing an epi of Boston Legal. They didn't show it here last Tuesday because of some silly reason so they showed it Sunday night at 11pm. I'd have missed it if the "season pass" hadn't auto recorded it for me! Tivo is my new best friend.

Another good thing about it is that since weekend tv sucks so bad, I can start recording shows I've never watched before and start watching them on the weekends...if I can stay awake long enough to watch.

Beware, subject change ahead LOL

We're on 8 hours of overtime this week. I've done 4 so far already so if I can keep up working til 2am for 2 more nights, I'll be all done with it and won't have to work the weekend. All these hours sure do suck but I'm loving the extra money. I like having my nails manicured and I think next time I'll go for the pedicure. Summer sandals, HERE I COME!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MOVE THAT BUS!!!!.....

ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was in our neighborhood this past week. A mom and dad with 4 kids adopted her sister's 5 kids after their mom died. The grandfather also lives with them, putting all 9 people in a 900 square foot house. The parents were sleeping in the garage with no heat (we're in Missouri and winters get pretty cold). The kids were sleeping in the bedroom and hallway, pretty much where ever they could find space. So, in comes Ty Pennington and his gang.

It was an awesome experience! It will air on Mother's Day so be sure to watch and look for me and Little Bro. We should be in quite a few of the shots as we were pretty close to all the action.

I snuck into the VIP tent and took a picture of the cake

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Here's Ty waiting for the family to get out of the limo

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Here's the family with Ty and the crowd

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Here's one of the many practice "Move that bus" shots they did

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This one is the REAL "MOVE THAT BUS!"

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And, this is the house

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Oh and if you promise not to laugh, here's a picture of me with Ed Sanders (Little Bro was more interested in the gator driving by and wouldn't look at the camera). I was so thrilled that Ed had his arm around me and was talking to me with that sexy accent!

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I didn't get to meet Ty but he did eat my lunch. Mom had made deviled eggs and gave a plate of food to one of the crew members. He came back with Ty to get some more deviled eggs and all that was left was my plate she had made for me (I had to work Sunday morning until 1:30pm), so she gave him my lunch! That's ok, Ty can eat my deviled eggs anytime!

So be sure to watch on Mother's Day!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


We had to take Little Bro to the emergency room Thursday night. He was diagnosed with rotavirus, which is a nasty stomach bug. He had severe diarrhea and vomitting. I was afraid he was getting dehydrated but luckily he wasn't. We had a wonderful doctor there that instructed us to give him nothing but 10 cc's of pedialite every 15 minutes for a few days.

I couldn't not feed the poor child when he was fussing from hunger. I ended up giving him a small piece of bread for lunch to at least put something in his tummy.

He was doing better yesterday but still had the diarrhea. It wasn't so bad, though, that we couldn't go out. We went to Babies R Us and bought a gate to keep the little monster out of the kitchen. I also bought a digital thermometer for the ear since my other good thermometer disappeared. I think it'll be a good investment since it gives the temperature in 1 second.

Afterwards, we went to eat at a restaurant at Zona Rose called Mimi's Cafe. I wasn't really impressed with the food but was impressed that along with our drinks, the waitress brought us a plate with a small cup of cheerios, a package of crackers, a piece of fruit, a plastic bib, and a wet wipe. That's a first. It was a nice gesture from the restaurant.

Today, I had to finish my overtime that I missed because Little Bro was sick. I worked for a few hours, then came home and cleaned a little. Then we went to the pharmacy to fill an RX for a $25 gift card. I spent the card on a new coffee grinder. I'm so excited that I will get to have my River Market Blend coffee again! I miss it since the old grinder went kaput!

On the Future MILF's front, I've finally broken this plateau and lost another pound. That puts me a total loss for the year of 11.5 pounds. Not exactly where I want to be at the beginning of March but I'll take what I can get. Hopefully, March will bring a better loss for the month.

Now the countdown is on until March 10th for the Snake Saturday Parade. I can't wait! Let's all hope the weather holds out and gives us a warm, sunny day!

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