Thursday, May 31, 2007


Bless me. I'm afraid all this rain we've been getting this past week has brought on a summer cold for me. I started sneezing this afternoon and continued all evening long. I'm afraid my co-workers were tired of saying bless you.

Now I'm home and have a bad case of the sniffles and a stuffy head.

I awoke this morning and decided it was a good day to make a stew. Gooey and I made a trip to the store and got the goodies. The house smelled so good. I was anxious all evening long to get to take my dinner break at 8:30 and eat it. The wait was well worth it! Daddeee and Gooey had some for dinner too and Daddeee said Gooey chowed. He's a good little boy for eating his veggies. He'll eat all those veggies but the strange little kid won't have anything to do with hot dogs (is he really MY child?) As a mom, I shouldn't complain, I know.

Bubba comes home from vacation with Bams and Pops Friday night. I'm so excited I could just burst! I miss the little varmit. I'm sure a month from now, I'll be ready for him to go back to school.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Not that finger. The index finger. Gooey has this new thing he does when he gets mad...he wags his index finger...just once.

We were having coffee and ewwwie gooey espresso brownies at Starbucks today. We actually got to sit in the 2 comfy chairs for a change. We let Gooey wander with his piece of a chocolate chip cookie and sippy cup of milk. He started to wander a little bit too far (something Gooey always tends to want to do) so his daddeee hollered for him to come back. Gooey turns to the man sitting at the table nearest to him and gave him the finger. Just a quick wag of that little finger to let that man know he was mad about being reigned back in.

It's so funny to see.

At the twins' graduation Thursday evening, Gooey provided entertainment for all since the sound system sucked and we couldn't hear the guest speakers. He hammed it up and had everyone smiling and laughing. He had us rolling from our seats when he turned to my mom, who was sitting on the other side of me, and gave her a double finger, one with each hand. This time it wasn't out of anger or frustration, but instead he did it in a rather suave, debonair sort of way. If he could talk, I would imagine he would have said "Hey baby!" as he did it.

I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I got this challenge to write about when I get old. I'm 37 now so old age is getting here faster than I want to admit.


1. Be able to chew properly. I hope to keep all of my own teeth and not have some kind of set that you drop in a glass on the nightstand. The thought of my teeth floating beside my bed, brings shivers to my spine.

2. Not shit myself. I don't want to ever have to have anyone else wipe my butt. The thought of lying there while someone else wipes the crack makes me suicidal.

3. Still have sex. If the hubster goes before me, I want to be a Blanche Devereaux. She's my Golden Girls idol. What's life without a little nookie?

4. Be hot. Not hot as in ‘oh I have a fever and nasty rash’ hot, but old lady hot. I think this one might be a pipe dream but I could be senile by then anyway, so let’s just go with it mmmkay?

Onto the next part, which, you’re just holding your breath waiting for. Maybe I should do part 2 tomorrow and make you dream about me all night long. I’m not that cruel, however. You can still dream about me though.


1. Tell you how many times I passed gas before noon. Besides, people like me,liars princesses, don’t pass gas. It’s a true fact people.

2. Have short, old lady bad perm hair. I like my hair. I’ve not always liked my hair and it’s taken me many years to come to fall in like with it, so I will not cut it all off and make it all curly and gray. I will dye it. I will leave it sorta long but I will not have short, white, carpet hair. Sure the other wrinkly broads at the old folks home will hate me but so what?

3. Wear polyester stretch pants or blouses with ruffles or undershirts (not sure if old women wear undershirts, maybe that’s old men, whatever, I’m not wearing them), wear giant ‘granny panties’, soft soled nurse type shoes or elastic waisted anythings. If I look like a retarded asshat wearing my lowcut lacy black bra under my sexy white tee and my tight jeans with the hot high heeled boots, that’s my business.

4. Have bunions. I will cut them off before I walk around with fungus on my feet or whatever the hell bunions are. I will file that bleep bleep off before I walk around with an gross lump on my pretty little feet.

5. Have a turkey neck. There is no need for one. Honestly, wrap that baby up, clip it, tape it, sand it, get surgery, something. Just no need to walk around, all flappy.

And there you have it. My old lady list of do’s and don’ts.

What are yours?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I finally found some time to redo by blog a little. I was really hating the old layout. I'm working on a new computer because we wore out the old motherboard. I've lost (temporarily) all of my photoshop goodies so I've gone plain and simple. Once I get everything loaded onto the new puter, I'll redo it again.

My next task is to load some pictures off of my new camera. I took Gooey (formerly known as Little Bro) to Penguin Park today and took some pictures. He had a ball and actually griped when it came time to leave. He didn't cry or fuss, just griped. Some may say he was actually bitching about it.

I've decided to change the nicknames of my boys because I really don't call them Big Bro and Little Bro in real life. I do, however, call them Bubby and Gooey. My oldest has been dubbed Bubba by my youngest. My youngest is called Gooey because when he was about 4 months old, we were lying in bed snuggling and he was making noises with his plug (pacifier) in his mouth that sounded like he was saying "Gooey". When I laughed and said do it again, he did. He used to do it for a while then eventually grew out of it. He'll still always be my Gooey Boy because it was the first time he really made me laugh.

Bubba left yesterday to spend 10 days with Bams and Pops (the grandparents). They're driving to Gulf Shores, AL to stay at a condo on the beach. Can you tell he's a spoiled boy? This will be his second time going there with them. I hop he has a wonderful time. I sent my old camera with him so he should have decent pics this time.

Work is as busy as ever but at least we're only doing 4 hours of overtime this week. I still have 2 hours to do this week so it looks like I'll be working on Sunday.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


The old computer broke. We wore out the motherboard so I've been offline for a while now. I really missed having it. The new computer has Vista and it's difficult getting used to it. I'm so bad about adjusting to change. The sucky part about Vista is, it won't run XP or older programs. This means I can't run my photoshop. I'm in the process of getting the new one because I really miss doing my graphics. As soon as I have it, the first thing I'm going to do is change this sucky layout.

I also got my new camera. I can't wait to post some of the incredible pictures I've taken with it. It's 7.1mp and 10x optical zoom. It's too awesome to describe in comparison to my old camera. I plan to really get out and put it to good use in the coming months. I also plan on making a commercial for a special project. When it's done I'll post it too.

I've missed blogging and the internet in general but I'm back now and can't wait to add more!