Sunday, May 13, 2007


The old computer broke. We wore out the motherboard so I've been offline for a while now. I really missed having it. The new computer has Vista and it's difficult getting used to it. I'm so bad about adjusting to change. The sucky part about Vista is, it won't run XP or older programs. This means I can't run my photoshop. I'm in the process of getting the new one because I really miss doing my graphics. As soon as I have it, the first thing I'm going to do is change this sucky layout.

I also got my new camera. I can't wait to post some of the incredible pictures I've taken with it. It's 7.1mp and 10x optical zoom. It's too awesome to describe in comparison to my old camera. I plan to really get out and put it to good use in the coming months. I also plan on making a commercial for a special project. When it's done I'll post it too.

I've missed blogging and the internet in general but I'm back now and can't wait to add more!

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