Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I changed my hours at work. I work longer days but now I have Wednesday off each week. It's nice. I actually have a day to tend to all those errands that I normally have to squeeze into a Saturday or take a day off for.

Today I had lots to do. A stop at the court house for a copy of the property tax that I can't seem to find, a trip to the DMV, and the library. I truly expected the DMV to take forever but it was actually pretty quick and painless.

Maybe things were easier because I had my best peep with me to help me out. He wore his "lucky fishing hat" so that's possibly the trick. I'm sure with his years of experience, he's figured out that a magical hat makes all things better.

He's on to something because it's not even noon yet and all my errands are done.

Next time you have nasty errands to do, wear your best hat and you can roll like we do.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is the sound clip to one of my favorite commercials growing up. I sure wish I could have found the entire commercial.

We were talking about this at work yesterday and I was feeling so old because quite a few of my co-workers had never heard or seen it.

Do you remember it?

Friday, September 25, 2009


When I was a little girl many, many years ago (Ok so I mean MANY, MANY years ago), we lived in a house just outside of Warsaw, Missouri. It was pretty much out in the middle of no where.

My dad had built the house along with a few uncles. It was a really nice house but my mom hated it because it was so far from everyone. We lived there for 3 months and ended up moving back to the city. We kept the house as a "lake house" even though it wasn't technically on the lake.

A few months after we moved, the house burned down. It was determined to be arson.

Anyway, I was young so the whole impact of a house burning down didn't impact me like it did my parents. The most crushing thing for me was losing my ceramic tea set.

Flash forward to last weekend. My dearest darling took me to a bed and breakfast just outside of town for a night away from, well, everything. It's a quaint little town that offers not much more than a few antique shops and a few b&b's.

We spent the afternoon browsing the shops and I came across this:

This little set is what I remember to be exactly like the one I used to have. It was awesome running across this. It brought back so many memories! Oh the tea parties I had with my tea set.

I was a budding Englishwoman brought down in my prime by a house fire.

Who knows who I could have become had I not lost that precious tea set.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Scene: Me sitting at the desk in my bedroom trying to get some work done on the computer, probably paying a bill or 10. In walks The Teenager for the umpteenth time.

"Mom, when's dinner?" asks The Teenager.

"When I'm done here, I'll go cook supper. Now leave me alone!" I growl.

"But I'm hungry," said with a slight whine.

"If you don't leave me alone, you're getting squat for dinner!"

In walks The Kid. "I like squat! It's one of my favorite foods."

And he made me smile.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I love how he nonchalantly closes the door afterward. Too funny!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Or seen any of these people?

People of Walmart is a must website to check out.

The sad thing is, I've been in Walmart and have run across people like this. I just never had the thought to take a picture. Next time I will. And I'll send it to this website. Just because I think it's funny.

Wouldn't it be sad to pull up the website one day and see a picture of yourself?

On second thought, maybe I wouldn't take someone else's picture.

It's still funny.

Monday, September 07, 2009


Something in your life has to end today -- but it's almost certainly positive! Whatever you walk away from is almost sure to be long forgotten in just a short time. Let go and grab the next big thing!

I'm a Capricorn and this is my horoscope for today. I'm wondering exactly what it means.

I don't normally believe in the predictions of horoscopes but it always amazes me how accurate the descriptions are. I definitely fall under the description of Capricorn.

My favorite color is definitely not brown, though, so not all of it is accurate. My favorite color is actually orange. I prefer diamonds and rubies over garnets. I don't believe I have a lucky day of the week, although I may have to start paying more attention. I've always thought my lucky number was 3 but maybe that's something else to pay attention to.

This last one, though, is pretty dog-gone accurate. It's kind of spooky. It sort of makes me want to be a believer.

So, I'm off to go decipher what exactly my horoscope for today means. I think I'm ready to go grab the next big thing. Hopefully, it's cash!