Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I changed my hours at work. I work longer days but now I have Wednesday off each week. It's nice. I actually have a day to tend to all those errands that I normally have to squeeze into a Saturday or take a day off for.

Today I had lots to do. A stop at the court house for a copy of the property tax that I can't seem to find, a trip to the DMV, and the library. I truly expected the DMV to take forever but it was actually pretty quick and painless.

Maybe things were easier because I had my best peep with me to help me out. He wore his "lucky fishing hat" so that's possibly the trick. I'm sure with his years of experience, he's figured out that a magical hat makes all things better.

He's on to something because it's not even noon yet and all my errands are done.

Next time you have nasty errands to do, wear your best hat and you can roll like we do.

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