Saturday, August 21, 2010


I found this recipe on Bakerella's website and thought they'd be fun to make.

All you need:

1 red velvet cake mix (water, oil, & eggs)
1 can cream cheese frosting
Melting chocolate
sucker sticks

Prepare the cake according to the box. I'm still learning my oven so my edges were a little done. It didn't matter though.

Crumble the cake up into a mixing bowl. I've had this particular bowl since I moved out on my own in 1990. It's had a few or more cakes mixed up in it over the years.

Mix in the container of cream cheese frosting. Now here's the fun oops I mean incredibly messy part. Roll small amounts of the mixture into balls. I found this to be a big pain in the butt process. A small tip: stop after about 5 and wash your hands and you'll find they don't stick as much. Once some of the batter is on your hands, the balls tend to stick to your fingers. Place the balls on waxed paper.

I went ahead and poked the sucker sticks into mine but I don't think it matters.

Place the tray of balls into the freezer for about an hour. This will help them firm up so that you can dip them into the melted chocolate.

Melt your chocolate in the microwave. Dip each one into the chocolate. Once again, another pain in the butt process. If you like doing chocolate dipped pretzels, you won't mind this.

And here's the finished product. Definitely not as pretty as Bakerella's but I'm an incredible amateur baker so for me, they look fabulous!

And oh do they taste yummy!

I wish you were here to try one. Or two. That way I don't eat them all!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's not enough to say we had a good time yesterday.

It was more than relaxing.

It was more than fun.

It was an entire can of spray sunscreen (I love, love, love this stuff!)

We had a wonderful time at the water park and are looking forward to going again soon.

At first, The Kid didn't want anything to do with it. All week he swore he wasn't going and if he did, he wasn't going to get in the water.

We made him go and we made him get into the water.

He didn't want to get out of the water and he didn't want to leave.

He said he wasn't leaving. We told him he was.

He pouted.

He sulked.

Eventually, he gave up.

The Teenager check his phone every chance he got.

Daddeee check his phone every chance he got.

I used mine to take pictures.

I didn't want any calls or texts. I was there to relax.

And relax I did.

Monday, August 09, 2010


We're taking the family to Adventure Oasis today.

Packing a picnic lunch and trucking on over to Independence, MO for some water fun (lots of sunscreen already in hand).

Not a bad plan for a day that's going to be in the 100's.

Monday, August 02, 2010


Yes, I said hot.

As in, it's hot outside.

The web says it is 95 degrees in Kansas City.

My outdoor thermometer says it's 96.
I think it's 124.

I can remember as a kid, the news would always send a newsreporter, usually the newest of the bunch, outside to see if it's hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

I haven't seen them do that on the news in years.

The bit must have gotten old.

Today it's hot enough to fry the egg, the bacon and some potatoes too.