Saturday, May 19, 2007


I finally found some time to redo by blog a little. I was really hating the old layout. I'm working on a new computer because we wore out the old motherboard. I've lost (temporarily) all of my photoshop goodies so I've gone plain and simple. Once I get everything loaded onto the new puter, I'll redo it again.

My next task is to load some pictures off of my new camera. I took Gooey (formerly known as Little Bro) to Penguin Park today and took some pictures. He had a ball and actually griped when it came time to leave. He didn't cry or fuss, just griped. Some may say he was actually bitching about it.

I've decided to change the nicknames of my boys because I really don't call them Big Bro and Little Bro in real life. I do, however, call them Bubby and Gooey. My oldest has been dubbed Bubba by my youngest. My youngest is called Gooey because when he was about 4 months old, we were lying in bed snuggling and he was making noises with his plug (pacifier) in his mouth that sounded like he was saying "Gooey". When I laughed and said do it again, he did. He used to do it for a while then eventually grew out of it. He'll still always be my Gooey Boy because it was the first time he really made me laugh.

Bubba left yesterday to spend 10 days with Bams and Pops (the grandparents). They're driving to Gulf Shores, AL to stay at a condo on the beach. Can you tell he's a spoiled boy? This will be his second time going there with them. I hop he has a wonderful time. I sent my old camera with him so he should have decent pics this time.

Work is as busy as ever but at least we're only doing 4 hours of overtime this week. I still have 2 hours to do this week so it looks like I'll be working on Sunday.

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