Saturday, March 06, 2010


This is my Ranger. My best pal.

He will be turning 6 in a few weeks. It amazes me that it seems like we just brought him home as a puppy.

I wanted a Jack Russell, but Daddeee wanted something with fur and a tail.

I was searching the dog ads in the newspaper online when I ran across an ad for Jack Russell-American Eskimo mix puppies.

It's kismet. It's meant to be.

I called Daddeee and told him I'm going to get me a dog tonight. I didn't ask. I just told him I was going to do it.

He said, "OK."

He always lets me do whatever I want. Not!

So off we went to get a puppy that night.

As it turned out, the seller was a Jack Russell breeder living next door to an American Eskimo breeder. They didn't know until the puppies were born that the J.R. female was promiscuous with the neighbor A.M.

I let The Teenager (who was still a Kid back then) pick out the puppy of his choice (and he chose the same one I would have chosen).

I named him Ranger on the way home and it fit to a T.

So, readers, although he looks like a miniature Border Collie, he is most definitely not one.

We call him our Jackimo!

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