Saturday, September 18, 2010


I know I've posted in the past what my daily plan is to be. I've shared what my future intentions are in regard to plans to go here or plans to get this done.

Today, I'm pondering what my life plan is. I'm not talking about who do I want to be when I grow up.

I'm referring to what sort of person do I want to be from today forth.

I've been struggling lately because of the "hand" that I've been "dealt" this year. Where I am now is completely different than where I had planned six months ago.

Why is this? Has God planned something for me that I just don't know about?

How do I see what this plan is and know that what I think I'm seeing is what truly is?

I had an incident take place late last night with some friends. They're struggling in their relationship and I've been watching it for a while now but I've kept out of it.

Until last night.

I blew up and let it all out. My feelings. My knowledge (because I've been in their shoes).

I woke up hopeful this morning. I was thinking that maybe this was God's plan for me. I was to help them through this time period in their lives with the knowledge I've gained through the years. It felt good.

Then something else happened this morning. There's no helping them because one thing happened and everything I shared with them went out the window.

They are right back where they started.

Did I misread God's plan? I somehow misunderstood?

I'm so sad over this.

Does God have a plan for us but his plan for someone else intercepts it?

I just don't know anymore.

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