Sunday, January 16, 2011


My birthday was Thursday. I turned 41.

I decided by marking this momentous occassion by celebrating a lot.

Thursday, The Teenager and I played hookie and shopped. We went to Zona Rosa and shopped at Spencers (where I got into trouble), Hollister, Hot Topic, Claires...

We had a fabulous time...just the two of us. We lunched at Noodles & Co.

It was awesome. I was even hit on by another customer. Sort of made my day considering I was in the process of turning 41.

After our shopping expedition, we went in search of a slice of birthday cake. We could find no place in Kansas City where one slice of birthday cake could be purchased. We settled for cupcakes from the grocery store.

Then, last night for dinner, we celebrated at my favorite Mediterranean food places, Cafe Cedar.

We shared an appetizer of hummus, falafil, baba ghonouj, stuffed grape leaves, spinach pie and tabbouleh with warm pita bread. Every last bite of it was amazing!

My friends, Jason & Tricia ordered the onion rings. They haven't had much Mediterranean food and wanted to play it safe only to discover the most wonderful onion rings ever!

They enjoyed the appetizer we had ordered also.

All of the adults ordered the gyros simply because they are amazing. The kids ordered the fried chicken only to find out that Cafe Cedar makes some of the best fried chicken ever! I tried it and the Teenager said I looked like I was having a mouth-gasm! He needs his mouth washed out with soap!

Of course, we had to have the baklava for dessert along with a special treat. The restaurant provided a belly dancer to entertain us! The look on The Kid's face was hilarious. He'd never seen such a thing before.

We retired back to our house afterward and enjoyed some coffee and several rounds of Farkle (dice game).

So now the celebrating has come to an end and I must put some work into this "being 41" thing. I don't feel like I'm that age.

And I sure as heck hope I don't look like it!

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