Saturday, July 14, 2012


I was sitting at my computer the other night and had an overwhelming urge to talk to my aunt.

I hadn't spoken to her in several years.  There was no particular reason other than time flies.

So I called my Aunt Bobbie.

She is the second oldest sister of my father.  She is actually his step-sister (different fathers).

Aunt Bobbie is married to Uncle Jim and they have 3 kids.  

When I was a kid, we would go and spend a week or so at their house in Southern Illinois.  I loved going to their house.  They live in the country with lots of land around their home.  At one time, they had a horse.  They had a pool in their backyard, they had quad runners, but my favorite was riding the riding lawnmower.

I know, I'm hokey but I like slow moving things.  I've never been much of an adventurous soul.

So I called my aunt and spent hours on the phone catching up with her.

I've really missed her.  I'm hoping to be able to visit her soon.  I'd really like for my kids to see and experience some of the things I did at her house.

I'm so glad I thought of her and called.  It brought a little happiness into my heart to hear her laugh and bring back childhood memories.

Have a loved one you haven't spoken to for a while?  Pick up the phone and give them a ring.  You could probably bring a little happiness into their heart.

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