Saturday, April 21, 2007


It's been almost forever since I've had time to sit down and post. I did try to make a new background but it didn't turn out so well so that'll be changed soon....really soon.

Work is still crazy busy but I'm settling into a new routine so that helps. I've also started on some medication to help with the stress and anxiety so after that starts to work things should get a lot easier. Effexor XR is da bomb!

The boys are great! Little Bro is talking more and more. He said "icky" today after I told him to quit eating the dog food. It must not taste too bad because he keeps going back for more. Other things he says are "hi", "doggy", and of course, "mama", "dada", and "bubba"(that's what he calls Big Bro).

Next week is Big Bro's SAGE program. I only work 3 days next week and I'm so excited. Friday is the big concert too!

By the big concert, I'm referring to front row tickets to see Taylor Hicks. I can't wait! I want to dance with him so badly. If I can, I'll take plenty of pictures and post them next weekend.

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