Sunday, February 24, 2008


...oh what a beautiful day! In case you're wondering, yes we had a marvelous time on our little jaunt.

Our trip began at 5pm (a little late because Daddeee got held up at work). We drove for about an hour until we reached highway 7 which turned out to be a very scenic route to which we were treated to a magnificent sunset. With the exception of the 2 times we came upon deer, the drive was spectactular. We missed our turn once and ended up out of Kansas and into Nebraska but that's ok. I can say now that I've been to yet another state.

We checked into our lovely little cabin around 7ish. There were indeed only 4 cabins. We were in cabin #1, the non-smoking cabin. It was a one room and a bathroom cabin that included a queen-sized bed, a table and chairs, a microwave and mini-fridge, and a tv with Directv. I was extremely impressed with how nice the cabin was.

We left our cabin and went to have dinner at the casino. It was a buffet and the food was decent enough that we left stuffed. The casino was small but included all of my favorite games. We enjoyed a night of slot machines and each other's company. It was little after ten when we went back to the cabin.

I awoke at 7am the next morning and opened the curtains of the cabin to discover we were surrounded by fog. I could barely see across the porch of the cabin. I flipped channels on the tv until 9am when the local convenience store opened so I could walk down there for coffee.

We checked out and headed to Hiawatha, Kansas where we had a scrumptious breakfast at LoriLou's. The food was truly made by (to quote Pauly Shore from The Son-in-Law) "down home cookin' people". Fried eggs, thick cut crispy bacon, hashed browns to which I had them add onions and peppers (hey, I needed my veggies), and wheat toast. I know it's not the healthiest of meals but it sure was yummy!

The rest of the day was spent touring small town Kansas. We drove through Atchison and saw the birthplace of Amelia Earheart, followed part of the Lewis and Clark trail, and even did some "muddin' " in the 4-wheel drive.

It was a nice relaxing time that left me completely exhausted. How is that possible?

Good thing I took tomorrow off to recoup (and hopefully find time to post pictures.)

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momof2princesses said...

Sounds like a great time! I'm glad you had a chance to relax. Now, get some rest! lol