Saturday, February 09, 2008


I know. It's shocking. Me, posting on a Saturday. Doesn't seem right. Well I'm sitting here waiting for the alarm clock to go off so I can go to work. Yes, I'm working today. It's awful, isn't it?

Notice I said I'm waiting for the alarm to go off. I'm so used to being up and out of here before 5 that this morning, even though I don't have to be there until 7, I couldn't sleep. Habits can be cruel.

So a quick recap of the previous week (and I did say quick because not much happened). Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty much average, ordinary days. Thursday we shook things up a bit and had dinner at Cici's Pizza for Bubba's old school's night out. Our neighbor's kid still goes to that school and she invited us to go along. It was fun. Mrs. Principal was there along with a few of the teachers that we knew. They all praised our growing Bubba and how "mature" he acts. <---you come live with him and you'll see just how mature he acts at home LOL.

Last night, Daddeee and I stopped for drinks after work and it was a pleasant time. A few of our friends were there and we enjoyed a couple Bloody Marys and some entertaining conversation.

For dinner last night, Daddeee grilled up some most scrumptious steaks and I made some more of the Peppery Shrimp. Per Daddeee's suggestion, I replaced the pepper with cajun seasoning. I think I prefer the pepper version better.

The rest of the evening was spent playing catch up on The Celebrity Apprentice. I'm loving this season! I'm beginning to wonder, though, if Trump and Omarosa aren't having some sort of a fling because I just can't see why she's still on there. I think she's the William Hung of The Apprentice. What is it with these people that have no talent yet still become famous? If that's how it works, I should be rich and famous by now.

Anyway, I smell the coffee brewing and calling my name so I'm off to go put on my face and get my rear in gear.

Have a wonderful Saturday! I'm sure I'll be back for a Sunday dose.

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