Tuesday, June 03, 2008


...thus begins the new era of Mommeee on drugs.

The past few months I've really been struggling with being depressed. Between dealing with issues with my mom, Daddeee's other woman (his motorcycle fetish, for those who don't know), a young boy being to turn into a teenager, and a 2 year old, I've felt lately like I'm stuck in a vortex going down the drain.

I've been dealing with my mother by not dealing with her. I've struggled with Daddeee spending all his spare time with "the other woman". The pre-teen and the 2 year old...well, that sums it up, I think.

But everything came to a head while on vacation when I had a melt down. Some would call it a panic attack, others an anxiety attack.

We were on the dock the first night we arrived. Gooey was wearing his new Cars life vest. Everyone was having a wonderful time until Gooey got too close to the edge of the dock and I came unglued. Yes, I know he was protected by his vest and yes, I know the water was only about 10 feet deep where we were.

My heart raced and pounded so hard I just know you could see it through my shirt.

I began to sweat.

I couldn't stand up.

I couldn't breathe.

This lasted about 10 minutes before I was finally able to get a grip on myself. I knew then it was time to get some help.

I went to the doctor yesterday and she listened to me blubber and blubber on and on. She was very understanding and put me on Wellbutrin. She said it's good for depression and anxiety. The bonus is, it WON'T make me gain weight like every other medication I've taken in my life (the prednisone was a nightmare).

So we shall see how things go. Clinical Pharmacology says it takes a full month for it to make it to it's full potential. Let's hope the month goes by fast.


Kathy said...

I hope this month flies by and you're feeling better soon!

Tasha said...

GL with that- it can be a lifesaver. But my personal preference was Zoloft. :) I just weaned off the juice after 18 months of taking it!

Vamp said...

I took Wellbutrin a few years ago to stop smoking but it gave me lucid and/or weird dreams.
Hope it treats you better.