Saturday, May 31, 2008


This is Daddeee and Gooey aka Speed Racer getting ready to go out on the go cart. Gooey was trying his best to reach the steering wheel.

Do you think Bubba was enjoying himself?

Daddeee takes his go cart driving seriously.

We didn't go see the Titanic exhibit but I thought the building looked really awesome.

This is Gooey checking out the cabin. His line for the week was "This is cool" but it sounded like "Disis Kewel!" He was so cute running around playing. His elbows are a bit skinned up from falling on that gravel but he didn't care.

This was the view from our cabin. Wasn't it spectacular?

Gooey was trying to help get ready for the bonfire. He wasn't much into the s'mores but he sure ate his fair share of the hot dogs.


A few months before we arrived, they had released water from the dam so the water was up really high. The record high of Table Rock Lake was set in April of this year.

My neice, Tara, down on the docks.

First fishing lesson.

But fishing wears a little guy out. Look at those droopy eyes.

This next photo is a rare photo. I don't post photos of me very often, especially ones where I'm wearing no makeup, my hair isn't even combed, and I'm wearing nasty clothes. Look at it now while I have the nerve to post it because who knows? Tomorrow it may no longer be posted.

I caught this fish with the help of Mary Bobbins. Isn't it awesome. And yes, I am actually holding on to the fish's mouth. I didn't know they have sharp little teeth.

Daddeee caught his fish using Mary Bobbins, too. Notice that my fish is bigger than his fish.

Do you think this filthy little boy was having a good time? You can't tell from this picture but his face is covered in dirt. His fingernails are caked with it. This was definitely a ring-around-the-tub kind of day.

Vacation is exhausting.

And what's a vacation without a little bit of nature. I caught these 2 little ones while everyone else was asleep. I snuck down to the lake with my camera while it was quiet out.

Spring was definitely in bloom all around us.

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Mom of TWO Princesses said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Love the view from your cabin & the last two pictures. Gooey is a doll! And it was great to "see" you!