Saturday, May 17, 2008


I'm talking about vacation. I'm referring to time away from home and work. I'm talking about endless days sitting on the dock with just me and my fishing pole. Ok, it won't just be me and my fishing pole. The family will be there too, but you get the idea.

We've begun planning and packing and spending money. Today, we're going to Walmart to get our fishing licenses, a new cooler (because Daddeee left a watermelon in the old one and we had to retire it), summer clothes, etc. etc.
Our friends that are going with us are coming over tonight to work out our gameplan. We're thinking of taking a little sub-trip to Eureka Springs, Ark. while we're down that way. I've never been there and, to be honest, with gas prices the way they are, I may nix that idea.

Our trip will be 221 miles or about 4 hours. We're going to begin our trip early Monday, May 26th. We'll be driving down to Garden City, MO to meet our friends and we'll have breakfast at a little mom n pop cafe (the name escapes me). Then from there, we'll drive to Branson. We can't check into our cabins until after 3pm so we'll just have to kill some time in Branson. The rest of the trip isn't set in stone yet so I'll have to update that later.

But, back to my fishing pole. By old pal. I've had it since Mother's Day 1999. I also have a super nifty tackle box that I got at the same time. Today, I'll drag them out and dust them off. I need to see what supplies I'll need for my fishing trip.

So here's the purpose of today's post. My fishing pole needs a name. I'm going to leave it up to the readers to give me suggestions and I'll decide which I like the best.

And I promised contests. This is it. It's the first contest. The winner will get a gift card to one of my other places of weakness....Starbucks! The best fishing pole name will get a $15 gift card to Starbucks. Leave your thoughts on my blog. The winner will be decided by myself and Bubba (because I trust his judgement). Contest ends this Monday night at 7pm CST with the winner to be posted Tuesday morning. Oh wait, I work Tuesday, darn it. It'll have to be posted Tuesday afternoon.

Good luck and good naming,

Good luck and good naming.


musing said...

Hmm, fishing pole name, eh? Let's see. Because of its age how about Ol' Fishful. A play on Old Faithful and you also hope it will be full of fish. Or something like that. :)

Kate said...

I've been thinking about this all day because I really could use that Starbucks card. :) How about Mary Bobbins? You know cuz that thing you put on the line is called a bobbin...I least that's what my dad always called it. lol Ok I know I'm a dork.

PS...My DH is sitting here poking me saying name it Mr. Bobber. :)

Jodi said...

I'm going to have to go with Gilbert, because it's got "Gill" in it and therefore feels fishy to me, plus it has the added bonus of being my maiden name ;)