Sunday, May 04, 2008


5 Minutes for Mom is having another giveaway for Mother's Day. To enter the contest, all you need to do is post a favorite motherhood moment on your blog.

One of my favorite moments was posted a few weeks ago so I'm going to cheat and repost the story. I tried to think of a new one but this one just tickles me pink green!

A few nights ago, Bubba talked us into going to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant called Tortilla Flats. One of the neighborhood teenage girls works there. (Go figure, a girl had something to do with this request.)
We headed out the door, with Gooey sporting his Elmer Fudd hat. Daddeee tried to talk him into leaving it in the car at the restaurant but that was a no go.Bubba's friend is the hostess at the restaurant so she greeted us at the door. She took us over to a booth in the corner and my first thought was "what a crappy place to seat us".We settled into the booth and they served us our drinks along with chips and salsa. My opinion is that you can determine a good Mexican food restaurant by how good their salsa is. Tortilla Flats had very yummy salsa.The waitress came over and we order our meals along with a small bowl of guacamole for me and Gooey. I like guacamole but Gooey hearts guacamole.
When the waitress brought the bowl to the table, Gooey's eyes lit up and he said, in a rather boisterous voice, "GUACA-MONE!!!!" She thought it was hilarious. This only encouraged him. Keep in mind that he's still wearing the Elmer Fudd hat so you can imagine what a funny sight he was.Now, watching Gooey eat guacamole is a sight. He dips his chip into it and eats it off of the chip. He then double-dips it for more guacamole. This repeats until the chip no longer has the ability to hold the guacamole.
In the meantime, the waitress is bringing people over to the table to let them hear the little Elmer Fudd look-a-like say "GUACA-MONE!!"They brought our food and it was really good. I had ordered the Mexican Lasagne and I loved it. And I'm a very picky eater when it comes to Mexican food.
Partially into the meal, I burped. It wasn't a loud, gross burp...just one of those oops burps that slip out when you least expect it. Gooey pipes up from across the table and says "Daddy farted!" One thing I will share with you about Gooey is he is not a quiet child. He has a very booming voice for a mere toddler. We all laughed at Daddeee getting blamed for my bad manners.
So remember me mentioning that I thought Bubba's friend seated us at a crappy table? Well, I'm so thankful that she sat us where she did or it would have been embarassing.The entire meal, from the conversations to the food, was really enjoyable. I love family time and it's even better when we laugh through the whole meal.

Post your own favorite motherhood moment on your blog and chance winning too!

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Oh Jeanna, this had me laughing out loud! I love it!