Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today is Mother's Day. The day when all mom's are supposed to get breakfast in bed, someone else is cleans the house, and mom is to be pampered all day.

Now, in my house, that's usually not at all what it's like. I'll still be the one cleaning the house, I'll be the one cooking breakfast, but I will be pampered today come hell or high water! I'll be spoiled if I have to beat it out of Daddeee.

Now Daddeee's a good guy. He just sucks at planning things. He's a procrastinater. He's their king. It's who he is. I acknowledged that many years ago.

So here I sit not knowing what we're doing today to celebrate my day. I can't share it with you because I just don't know.

So, instead, I'd like for any moms visiting today to share what their doing today. Leave me a comment (I heart comments!) to let me know what you will be or are doing today. Give me (and Daddeee) some ideas!

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Mom of TWO Princesses said...


I'm doing absolutely nothing today! lol Actually, I'm going to flop on the couch & just chill, after I catch up on my blogs.

I did have to fix my own breakfast, but I'm OK with that. But the rest of the day is MINE to do nothing!

Hope you find something fun to do & have fun with it!