Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I used my gift certificate that I got for Mother's Day to have my nails done. I really like having them done. I have tiny nails and they break so easily, no matter what I do.

So last night when I was taking the pictures for the sweet tea recipe, I took pictures of my nails so everyone could see them. Well, what else is there to do while you're waiting for your tea to brew?

Here's my left hand. Don't the nails look nice? I like the French manicure look. Plus is simple to maintain. That's my wedding set. I'm hoping that since it's going to be our 15th anniversary this year, that I get the 3rd band that goes with it. We designed them ourselves. The diamonds and the gold are from an old ring of my dads.

And, on the other hand, here's my other hand (How'd you like that nifty play on words?). If you're wonderfing about my index finger, when I was 18 months old, I stuck it in the spokes of a moving bicycle and it cut it off. They were able to reattach it but I lost the knuckle. Luckily, I was young enough that I don't remember it but boy do I freak out when little kids are around bikes.

The rings on this hand are 2 separate rings. The double diamond band was my mom's 25th wedding anniversary ring. She gave it to me for Christmas the year my dad died. The other ring was given to me for Valentine's Day by dear sweet Daddeee the year we found out I was pregnant with Bubba.

So there's a little piece of me. You've gotten to see my pudgy little fingers. But at least the nails look fabulous!

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