Thursday, May 01, 2008


Backyard (bak-ahrd) -noun 1. A place to play while Mommeee cooks dinner. 2. A place to play and step in dog poop.

Motorcycle (moh-nor-sikel) -noun 1. Dad's playtoy 2. Gooey's small toys that get left all over the house.

Dinosaur (di-n0-so) -noun 1. The name Gooey calls every stranger he meets.

Blanket and Pacifier (gang-kee-plug) -noun 1. The 2 items Gooey will not sleep without. 2. The 2 necessary items when Gooey's feeling stressed out.

Disney/Pixars Cars (car-moooooovie) -noun 1. The only movie Gooey ever wants to watch. 2. The movie I've seen over 10 times this week.

Capri Sun (joooooose-bag) -noun 1. The only type of juice Gooey will drink.

to be continued...

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