Monday, April 20, 2009


The other night, my friend, Nick and I exchanged some text messages regarding travel slogans for the planet Uranus (its a long story how it all got started). This is how it went:

Mommeee: Wet, wild, and wonderful: Uranus!
Nick: How about a new home...modern, sophisticated and spacious new home located in Uranus.
Mommeee: Located near the party town of Clitoris.
Nick: For a good time had by all, come to Uranus.
Mommeee: For a really good time, you don't come to Uranus, you cum in Uranus!
Nick: Don't forget about the great camping. Come pitch a tent in Uranus.
Mommeee: Double stake your tent because of high winds in Uranus.
Nick: What's the weather like around Uranus? I'll bet it's too moist for good camping.
Mommeee: How bad is traffic on the Hershey highway into Uranus?
Nick: Oh the weather must be nice because the people on Uranus are frequently dropping the kids off at the pool.
Mommeee: Please be sure to keep Uranus neat and tidy. No one wants to visit Uranus when it's skanky.
Nick: Sometimes you'll still get the breezes from those trashy people in smelly Ovaryville.
Mommeee: You can avoid the mudslides by hanging out on hemmorhoid hill but it's a pain in the ass to get there.
Nick: Avoid the numorous landslides while visiting Uranus.

Nick: We can go scuba diving around Uranus.

Daddeee got into the game from work the next day with these cute little quips.

Having tooth trouble while visiting Uranus? Check out the world famous dentisty clinic, Uranal Cavity.

The perfect travel brochure slogan for Uranus: Visit Uranus, always warm and cozy, and everyone uses the back door.

While in Uranus, come check out the hip new cafe, Eat Uranus, and try our daily special: the Cleveland Steamer (gross!). Don't forget dessert: warm brownies. And the fresh lemonade is made right next door!

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