Monday, October 18, 2010


Remember this post about Sun Chips and their new biodegradable bag?

Well, according to The Onion, they are going back to their original bag.

Evidently, my harping and whining got the attention of Frito Lay. (OK so it wasn't just me.)

For the record, I was actually ok with the bag. My post was actually just an FYI, go buy some, have a good laugh too kind of post.

My only gripe about the bag was that every time we passed a display in the store, The Teenager felt the need to make a bunch of noise with the bags. Annoying!

Did you know that they tested the bag and it actually measured at something like 95 decibels?

The subway in New York measures around 90.


So go out and buy a biodegradable bag of Sun Chips fast before they change it. That bag might be worth something some day.

If you want to buy me a bag, my favorite flavor is Garden Salsa.

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