Monday, November 29, 2010


We have letters on our refrigerator. Two incomplete sets to be exact.

The first set was with the first kid. The second with the second. We've lost a few a long through the years (letters, not kids).

We leave random notes for each other all the time.

Random holiday messages.

Messages I've done when one of my boys is out of town.

We've even done a few messages that are completely inappropriate to take pictures of. Let's just say Daddeee and The Teenager have a gross sense of humor.

These letters can be purchased in the dollar section in the Toy Department at Walmart. I'm sure they can also be purchased for pretty cheap at any other store.

They're fun.

They're entertaining.

Today's message.

Because everyone knows Mommeee doesn't cook on Mondays.

(Like I said, they're partial alphabets so sometimes we have to improvise on the spelling.)

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