Monday, November 29, 2010


Today was just an ordinary Monday.

I got up, got dressed. Got The Kid up and got him dressed, too. That's how we roll.

Coffee was already made (thank you coffee pot with timer).

Lunches were already made too thanks to my overly efficient brain yesterday (why are you not always present?).

I took Daddeee to work, dropped The Kid off at the sitter and that's when it happened.

I barely made it home.

Never in my life has a stomach bug hit so fast.

I was fine this morning.

So now I'm home with no one to take care of me.

No 7-up. No crackers.

Just me and 2 worthless dogs.

Ranger, when will you ever learn to drive and take care of Mommeee?

(I don't ask Dexter because it's well known that he's just a 'tard.)

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