Sunday, December 12, 2010


Daddeee and I went Christmas shopping yesterday.

We left the house at about noonish and the temperature was holding steady around, oh, let's just say freezing.

First stop, the pawn shop. (did you know you can buy decent stuff there at decent prices...ipods, laptops, jewelry...?)

I'm a people watcher. I'm forever amazed at how rude and stupid people can be.

I know, you'd think after 40 years I'd be used to it but nope. I'm still in awe of human nature.

Kansas City winds were horrendous yesterday so every time someone opened the door at the pawn shop, the wind would catch it and blow it open.

A couple walks in and she heads straight for the iPods. He, on the other hand, lingers by the door which at this point has flown open and the cold wind is blowing inside the store.

He looks back. He takes another step into the store. He pauses.

He looks back again. He takes another step into the store. He pauses again. All the while, the door is still blowing in the wind.

Finally, he goes and closes the door.

A span of about 30 seconds has passed while he contemplates this door and the cold wind. What the heck was going through his mind?

A short while later, a mother and her daughter come through the door. Once again, the door is caught by the wind.

They didn't even bat an eye and walked on into the store.

In comes her son next. Does he close the door?

Nope. Walks right on in as if the store owner has used the wind to prop the door just for him....on a freezing cold day.

Next comes the father. Well, I guess like father like son because father did the same as the son. Where's the red carpet for this family?

Are people that stupid????

Don't answer that because there's more to come with this story so stay tuned...

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