Saturday, December 11, 2010


Yesterday, The Kid and I spent the day together.

We had tons of errands to get done but had a fantastic time doing it.

We played games and sang songs in the car. He's getting really good at singing Christmas tunes thanks to karaoke on the Santa Tracker on Uverse.

One of our errands was to get The Kid's hair cut. It's always a struggle but in the end, he's so proud of his new look.

I caught him several times yesterday checking himself out in a mirror.

Another errand was the grocery store.

While at the store, in the milk section to be exact, an older gentleman touched the top of The Kid's head. I didn't see it since I was turned around to grab the milk but The Kid was fast to speak up and say, "That man touched me!"

I know it was just a friendly gesture on the part of the man but I've always taught my children to speak up about stranger danger.

Where, as a parent, do we draw the line? How do we explain to our children that "Oh that's ok for him to ruffle your hair" and the child to understand that some things are ok and some are not?

Do we retrain those of the elderly generation that touching children in this manner is now not ok?

It tests my faith to think that there are such people in this world that I have to worry about being around my child and it angers me because I know, deep down, that this man was only being friendly.

It's a relief to me that The Kid was only bothered by the gesture because the man "messed with his spikes".

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