Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Several years ago, I had an idea.

I know, they don't come often but when they do, look out!

I wanted to hang several pictures on one wall but I'm lousy at measuring and positioning them so that they have some resemblance of being even.

My slight OCD doesn't help in this respect.

So I came up with an idea for a shelf that would hold all of my pictures. The picture wouldn't need to be nailed to the wall, just leaned on the shelf.

This is where I'm extremely lucky. I shared my idea with my oh-so-crafty husband and shortly thereafter, I had the shelves.

He made me 3 in different sizes. It wasn't long after that I decided I needed more. I now have 4 and they're pretty much full.

We have a split level so they hang in the entry way. The first picture was taken from the top of the stairs. I apologize for the lousy lighting but we have 2 windows there that are impossible to block the light from.

This is another angle of the same shelves. As you can see, I have more than just pictures on my shelves.

A bonus of these shelves is that they don't stick out from the wall enough to get bumped as you walk down the stairs.

These shelves are on the wall going down the lower set of stairs to the downstairs.

My friend loved my shelves so much, she asked Tim to make some for her too. Since her walls have color, she wanted them in white.

I absolutely adore how she accented her shelves with word stencils. I think it turned out amazing. She's having him make more shelves too. He's going to make some that will go around a square pillar she has in her entry way. I can't wait to see them finished!

If you'd be interested in having some shelves made, let me know. I have just the fellow that can make them for you.

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Couponing mommy said...

I truly love my shelves mine are the last two pictures. I think I might have her husband build me some more for my hallway!!