Wednesday, July 03, 2013


My family loves Chinese food.  We have a few favorite restaurants around town but North Dragon on North Oak is one of our absolute favorites.  

We've been eating there since the dawn of time.  

Well not really that long but since before Daddeee and I met, my mom and dad would take us, meaning my sisters and I, for lunch.

They have an amazing lunch menu.  The food is always fresh and tastes unbelievably good.

The egg drop soup has the best flavor of any I've ever tasted.  It's not a thin, soupy soup.  It's thick and full of eggs and vegetables.  They provide good serving sizes for a lunch special, too.

I ordered the Hot Braised Chicken (you can get it boneless too but there's just something about the flavor of chicken on the bone that I think is better).  It's quite spicy but well worth the sniffly nose.  The chicken is breaded and deep fried yet somehow the thick and gooey sauce doesn't make it mushy.   It comes with fried rice but I'm quite positive that if you wanted white rice, they would more than happily substitute.  

The lunch menu comes with either egg roll or crab rangoon.  I'm picky about egg rolls so for me to choose the egg roll as you can see I've done, it means they have really good egg rolls.

They have good fortune cookies (meaning always fresh).  I've been to plenty of restaurants that served stale cookies which turns a good meal into a bad one really fast.

I even got a good fortune.  Look out everyone because success is near, if I bide my time.  If only I knew what how to bide.  

So if you're out and about in the Kansas City area and get a hankering for good Chinese, North Dragon is a good choice.  

Oh, and they provide to go service too.  

North Dragon 

6245 N Oak Trafficway  

Kansas City, MO 64118

(816) 452-2029

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