Friday, July 12, 2013


And that question is:  Why did the shoe cross the road?  Alone?

Or better, why do we see so many shoes on the side of the road?

And always alone.

Yesterday, on my way to work, I noticed three separate shoes on the side of the highway.

How do they get there?  

Was someone running and proceeded to go so fast that they ran right out of one of their shoes?  I wonder how long it took them to realize it.  At that point did they just think "Hey screw it.  I'll just buy another pair." 

I would have gone back for my lost shoe.  I love the shoes that I currently have.

They're  like family.

Was it someone riding a motorcycle and one shoe just happened to slip off?

I often wonder what happens to all of these lost shoes.  Or the it's partner for that matter.

There should be a home for lost shoes.  

If you find a single shoe on the side of the road, mail it to "The Lost Shoe Bank".

If you are the one that lost one of your shoes, mail it's mate to "The Lost Shoe Bank".  

A teller there can match it to it's mate and donate a complete pair to a good charity.

I know it's probably a silly idea but how many of you have wondered the same thing?

I'm willing to bet lots of you.

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