Thursday, January 01, 2015



It seems like I was just marveling at how far away 2014 was when The Teenager was little and I was dreaming of his graduation day.  It seemed so far away.

Now the graduation is done, lots of other things happened in 2014, and we've moved on to another year.

I had a wonderful 2014.

I turned 44 in January, The Kid turned 8 a week later.

In February, Daddeee sent me flowers for Valentines Day for the first time since we have been married.  I think I fainted that day.

March and April were uneventful.

In May, The Teenager graduated (YAY!).  I thought we would never get through his last year but we did by the skin of our pants.  We also vacationed in our favorite spot on Table Rock Lake.  That place is magical!  My oldest sister and her son went with us and enjoyed it so much, we're going again in 2015!

In June, that same sister turned 50 so we celebrated big with all of our family and friends at our favorite dive hangout.

July was kinda boring but we made up for it in August with a trip to St. Louis.  We stayed at a hotel in Chesterfield and ate at my all-time favorite restaurant, Old Spaghetti Factory.  We had 2 adjoining rooms with the four of us in one and The Old Sister (I can call her that now that she's 50) and her oldest granddaughter in the other.  NattyPants (only I get to call her that) and The Kid played hide and seek in the hotel rooms, swam in the indoor pool, ate White Castles and had a blast!  We visited the Arch and stopped for wine in Hermann, Mo. (free samples WOOT!)

September wasn't as harsh trying to get back into the swing of another school year since I only have one in school now (much cheaper on my wallet too).

October brought on another annual family reunion in Warsaw, Mo.  This year we decided to stay in a hotel rather than drive back home.  Our uncle recommended a fishing lodge now far from his house.  We thought we heard banjos as we pulled up.  It was straight out of an old 70's movie with the outdated decor and look.  We still had a good time.  We had to four-wheel it to get to a fishing spot.  We didn't catch anything but the adventure was still fun.

November brought on another year for The Teenager.  Next year I'll have to change his name since he'll be in his twenties.  Wow the time sure flies.

And, last but not least, December rolled on in.  Daddeee turned 46.  We celebrated another anniversary bringing us to 21 years.  Our marriage is old enough to drink!

I have a lot of positive goals for 2015 that I'll be sharing with you so stay tuned for a (hopefully) adventurous year.

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