Thursday, February 23, 2006

A few minutes of peace...

Little Brother, the fussy one, has finally fallen asleep so I have a few minutes to spend on me time. What to do? I must not be very imaginitive because here I am blogging. Actually, I as going to upload my newest photos but discovered the Hubster took them off the computer. I'll have to come back later when I find out what he did with them and add them.

I've been spending a little of my time checking out other people's blogs. It's been a very interesting trip across the web. Some that I've found rather interesting are a gay guy that likes to be naked, a priest that is married with children (a religion I don't know about I guess), a joke poster, and a recipe poster. I'll keep searching the blogs because now I'm addicted to the interesting, for lack of a better word, posts.

I joined the ranks of the stay-at-home moms officially yesterday. My ex-boss is an ass. I think he did me a favor though. I'm looking forward to being home with Little Brother for a while.

Well, I think I'll use a little of Max's sleep time to do some things clean the bedroom, finally. The hint of putting the hamper next to the bed failed. The clothes still landed on the floor...go figure.

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