Monday, February 20, 2006


Well, not right away, of course. Maybe in 15-20 years.

My oldest son reminded me of something I said years ago when my dear Hubster, and I thought that we would never have another child. I was going through one of many moments mourning the child I would never have. I was telling Hubster about how desperately I wanted to become a grandma someday. I want to be the grandma that bakes the cookies and does crafts with her grandkids. I have every intention of becoming an awesome grandma. Well, my theory, as silly as it may seem, is that the fewer children I have, the less of a chance of becoming a grandma I have. I know, silly. What if dear son never had kids and I'd never get to become a grandma?

Well, now that Little Brother is here, it doubles my chances of becoming a grandma! Big Brother reminded me of this. (Isn't it amazing he can't remember to brush his teeth but he can remember a conversation he overheard 4 years ago?)

I'm looking forward to being that grandma...but I can wait until it's the right time. Don't rush it boys! LOL

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