Saturday, February 25, 2006

Semi-Date Night

Big Brother went to the movies with friends last night so hubster and I got to go out on a semi-date last night. I call it a semi-date because little brother went with us but sat in his carseat on the restaurant table and slept the whole time.

We went up to Zona Rosa (a "plaza-like" mall in Kansas City that was designed after The Plaza in KC) and ate at a place called Granite City. It's a food place and a brewery. Hubster had a "Northern Light" which is a pale ale. He liked it really well. I, personally, don't get into trying brews like he does. I had a pepsi.

The food was pretty good. Our waiter was a tad bit too chipper for my taste. Especially at the end of the meal when he asked if we saved room for dessert. We both said no. His comment was "well at least I offered!". This comment struck me as odd because to me if you are "offering" then it should be free. Was he offering to buy us dessert? It was just a strange choice of wording.

Hubster griped because they didn't have sweet n low for his iced tea. This was odd to me too, since I thought ALL restaurants kept s-n-l on the tables. They only had sugar and Equal. Another odd thing was that they didn't give hubster a spoon with his tea. Maybe an oversight by the overly-chipper waiter.

We were going to walk around Zona Rosa after dinner but the temp dropped a little too much to take Little Brother. We chose instead to go to Starbucks!

Now, I'm a Starbucks addict. I'll admit it. Instead of going for ice cream like normal families, we go for Starbucks. Big Brother loves it (although he wasn't with us this time). They have a new drink called a Marble Mocha Machiatto. We dubbed it the MnMnM. I'll definitely order it again....maybe tonight hehe.

Big Brother went to see The Pink Panther. He liked it. Gave it 3 popcorn bags as a rating. Ten yr olds are so funny. He says I really need to see it but I think I'll wait for DVD.

Was going to take a shower here in a few but Hubster left his paint crap in the tub and I can't move it. Looks like I'll just have to stay in my jammies until he gets home from work at 3:30. Can I stand to smell myself until then? I'll sure try. LOL

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