Saturday, September 23, 2006


So today the boys and I are headed to Walmart. We're driving down Antioch Rd and we come to the light in front of Hobby Lobby and Commerce Bank. Well, there's a car waiting to pull out from the bank. So, being the kind person that I am, when the light turned green, I allowed that car to pull out in front of me. As she pulled out and we moved on, I waited. It didn't happen. Well, it really pissed me off (must be PMS or something).

How hard is it to lift your arm and give a friendly wave to say thank you? It's not like she couldn't use that arm because her other arm was hanging out the window so she had to be steering with the right arm. She could have even given me a wave with the left arm that wasn't doing anything but hanging out the window.

So next time someone's kind enough to allow you in front of them on the road, give them a friendly "thank you" wave. It'll keep them from having to hop on their blog at home and bitch about it.

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