Saturday, September 02, 2006


OK so last night we went to the SantaCaliGon Festival in Independence with my sister and her family. I swear, my sister ate everything in the place. I had a pulled pork sandwich with pickles, she had pulled pork, home made potato chips, part of a deep fried turkey leg, a bite of alligator, cinnamon nuts, a funnel cake and whatever else she ate that I didn't see.

Now here's where it gets gross. She would be walking along and tell us to get upwind from her so she could fart. This was pretty funny at the time. Then as we're walking along, we'd smell nasty smells. Some were from garbage cans others from sources unknown.

Now I'm thinking about it this way. She wasn't the only one out there eating anything and everything. So more than likely, there were others silently releasing these deadly gasses. If you're at a festival, and everyone is eating junk food, and everyone releases gasses, and you light a match, what will happen??

NEWS REPORT: Strange explosion rocks Independence Missouri. Details at 7.

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