Tuesday, February 13, 2007


A cheesesteak deli owner in Philly has posted a sign on his door saying "This is America: When ordering, please speak English!". The city of Philly is warning him that he's in violation of some city ordinance that prohibits descriminations (Read more here).

Even if he is discriminating against someone, that should be his right. We have a right to freedoms in this country and whether or not he chooses to service a certain group of people should be his choice. He's the only one that's going to be hurt in the long run. He's only going to miss out on the business of those who choose to not eat at his deli.

If anyone feels descriminated against, just don't eat there. It's that simple.


Now I know I haven't posted in a short while but I've been battling sickness after sickness and just haven't felt like being online. Everyone's doing well. Big Brother just returned tonight from a weekend in Chicago visiting his Aunt and Uncle. He says he had a good time and I miss him. I'll get to see him when he gets up for school tomorrow.

IF he has school. We're getting slammed right now with 4-5 inches of snow. That made for a nice long journey home. Once again, the stupid dumbasses were out on the streets.

Hubster and I took advantage of Big Brother being gone. We took Little Bro over to my sister's house and we ate at The Oyster Bar with a couple of friends. The food was as good as always. I didn't much care for losing $30 at the casino afterwards but it was still fun.

As for the weight-loss (for the Future MILF's out there), I'm holding steady at a loss of 10 lbs. It would help if I could get over this cold and get motivated a little more. We'll see what the next week brings.

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