Thursday, November 29, 2007


You know what I'm talking about. I'm referring to one of those embarassing moments that happens but can't be helped.

Today while at work, I stopped in the ladies room to do my business. It was a busy time of the day and only one stall was open. The stalls are just like in your typical public restroom-metal doors and metal walls, each attached to the other. I took the last available stall and when I went to close the door, it slipped from my hand and slammed shut. This caused all the doors and walls to rattle and shake as if an earthquake had struck. Of course, it made a horrendous noise (because as everyone knows, everything echos in a public bathroom).

I was so embarassed.

I did my business and like any self respecting person would do, I hung out in my stall and waited until every last person had left the bathroom. Even though I knew most of the other patrons wouldn't know which door had slammed, I couldn't take the chance. I had to save face.

I'm still chuckling about how silly it was.

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