Saturday, December 08, 2007


I was driving home from work yesterday behind a Kia Sportage that didn't have proper working brake lights. The third brake light was working but the main ones weren't. As I'm following this person, I began to wonder if he or she knew they were having a malfunction. I know that I would have no clue if my brake lights were working or not. (Note to self: Have Bubba help me test my lights today)

So I'm following this person and my mind begins to try to think of ways of letting he or she know. I couldn't pull up beside them on the highway and holler over. That would be silly. I thought if they pulled off the highway into a gas station or someplace like that, I could pull over too and let them know. They didn't pull off the highway before it was time for me to take my exit.

But, and here's the idea part, if everyone had their cell phone number on their vehicle, I could have called and informed them of the problem, possible saved them from getting pulled over by the law.

This idea would also help people release their frustrations regarding careless drivers. If someone cuts you off, you simply call their cell phone and give them a piece of your mind, hence giving them the chance to apologize. I know I've unintentionally cut someone off in traffic (mainly because their driving in my blind spot and I just plain couldn't see them) and I wished I could have apologized for the faux pas (and also informed them they should stay out of the blind spot).

I know this isn't a fool proof plan but it's an idea, anyway.

Not to mention, single people could meet the hottie in the sports car next to them!

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Corrine-FBD said...

HAHA!!! Love your idea!! I'm for it!! :)