Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Saturday night we put up the Christmas tree and brought out the door wreath. Since then, it's been all about Santa (or 'anta, as Gooey says it). He points at anything remotely Christmasy and says " 'anta ". It's the cutest thing.

Sunday was Hubster's Holiday Party (politically correct way of saying Christmas Party) at his place of employment. We knew Santa would be there just has he has been in years past. I find this to always be an easy opportunity to get this kids' picture taken with the jolly old fellow. The line is always small and even better, the picture is free!

So, when we arrive, Gooey spots Santa up on the stage. It's all " 'anta 'anta 'anta!" We eat and enjoy the company of those around us, all the while watching Gooey point at the stage and continue his 'anta chant. Once we're done eating, we head up to the stage and await our turn with the white haired gentleman. Bubba takes Gooey and walks over to Santa. Immediately, the tears begin. Bubba tries to put Gooey on Santa's lap but he stiffens his body in defiance and the cry turns into a horrendous scream. I'm saddened because I so wanted a nice picture with Santa.

We finally ended up having Bubba sit on Santa's lap with Gooey sitting on Bubba's lap. Here's the picture we ended up with for this year:

Other than Gooey's belly showing, it's not too bad of a picture.

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