Sunday, December 30, 2007


Yesterday afternoon, Gooey, Daddeee and I made a trip to the grocery store. I made enchiladas last night so I had to go get all the fixin's.

The first section of our store is the produce aisle. Daddeee wanted green onions to top his enchiladas. I can't stand them, even the smell grosses me out. I like onions but green onions are just different. So I made him pick out his own.

He hollers over to me and asks "what are these things next to the green onions that look like green onions on steriods?"

They were leeks. Evidently, Daddeee has never seen a leek before. He asks if I've ever had a leek before. My answer was: Only in a dump dump. :)

Then it began. His comic tirade centered around this question: If you go into the grocery store and put a leek in your pocket and leave, will you be arrested for "taking a leek in the store"? It continued throughout the store and then continued last night while playing cards with friends.

I have to admit, he made me laugh.

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