Wednesday, January 02, 2008


A fellow doodlebug momma, Oh Amanda, hooked me up to a new blog (as if I needed yet another place on the WWW to spend my time). The Pioneer Woman Cooks! is a fantastic recipe blog with intense descriptions of the recipes including photos of what the intended recipe should look like each step of the way.

So I had to come up with something to take to DH's cousin's house for her new year's eve party. All my fellow mommas recommended her recipe for bacon wrap hors oeuvres. I figured I'd give it a try.

The recipe calls for baking them on a rack in the oven so I figured a new recipe is a good excuse for a trip the Walmart housewares department. I bought 2 new racks and all the ingredients (Club crackers, parmesan cheese, and bacon fat bacon).

Here's the complete recipe for anyone who wants to try them (because I'm too lazy to go through the trouble that The Pioneer Woman Cooks! did): Holiday Bacon Appetizers .

I was so inspired by this recipe blog, that I decided to take pictures of my appetizers.

Here they are all made up and sitting on my brand-spankin'-new baking racks

and a close-up shot

and, drum-roll please, the final product:

So I gathered them all up and put them on a serving plate and made the trip to Cousin's house. I had tried one while it was hot and wasn't too thrilled with how they turned out. I was disappointed, to say the least. Once we arrived, several people tried them and commented about how well they liked them, yet the plate sat there barely touched all evening. At this point, I was highly disappointed.

So the next day, Hubster comes to me with his cell phone and says you have to listen to this message. Evidently, the appetizers were discovered by those that were still partying at 2:30am. Cousin was leaving a message about how everyone was loving the snacks and wanted the recipe. Oh cool, this made me feel better about the 2 hours I spent slaving over the hot oven (ok, well, 200 degree oven anyway).

So, the conclusion to this recipe: They're better when you're drunk.

PS. I used some cheap bacon and some of the good bacon and I found that the better bacon was truly better for this recipe.

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oh amanda said...

Send 'em to my house! I'll eat 'em! ;)