Saturday, March 22, 2008


Yes, hallelujah, spring has sprung! The weather warmed up this past week to a comfortable 70 degrees so out came the yard toys for the little boys, the motorcycle for the big boy, and the camera for Mommeee.

Gooey absolutely loves to play outside. Doesn't matter to him that the grass still hasn't turned green or that, at times, it's still a bit chilly. He just wants to be outside.

Could there be a future for my youngest as a plumber? Is it too soon to see the signs? Hey, plumbers make excellent money. Not only could he afford to support me in my old age but he can unclog my pipes, too.

Of course, sporting a mullet probably won't help him get a job doing anything else. For the record, the mullet is not my idea. Yes, I love his curls, but the whole thing is his dad's doing. I've tried to get his hair cut but Daddeee says no.

And, uh, speaking of bad hairdos. I don't even know what to say about Bubba's latest style. He allowed the neighborhood girls to give him a new do. Should I be worried that he's so influenced by the females around him? I won't even go into what color his fingernails are right now. Sigh.

Did I mention bad hairdos? I'm surrounded. This is my main man. He's decided to single-handedly bring back one of the worst styles ever worn by man. He, too, has a mullet. His isn't as long as Gooey's but it will be. I've threatened to cut it in his sleep.

This picture had to be included just because of the look on his face. I don't even know how to describe that look. I wonder what he was thinking.
(I'm proud to say this was a huge zoom in with my camera. I didn't expect it to turn out as well as it did, not that it's a spectacular photo, but as a zoom in, it's pretty darn good)

Every good spring day has it's end. Someone was getting a tad bit cranky for supper so we called it a day and headed into the house. Can't you tell from the drool on his face that he was absolutely starving?

Days until VACATION: 64

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! Love Bubba's new hairdo! lol And Gooey is just adorable!