Saturday, March 15, 2008


I joined Curves on Wednesday and I'm loving it! It's a quick, 30 minute workout that really fits well into my schedule.

Since I was diagnosed in October as pre-diabetic, I gave up regular soda (diet coke plus rules!), I gave up my sweet tea, and I've been watching my carbs. I struggled through the holidays and didn't give in. I baked cookies and bread using Splenda and learned you can't tell the difference, other than the price of Splenda.

I went back to the doctor a few weeks ago to have my blood tests redone. I'm no longer pre-diabetic BUT I'd only lost 7 lbs. What the heck?!?

I struggled for months for 7 lbs? So I decided that I needed to add a little something extra to boost the weight loss.

A woman that I work with has been going to Curves for years and she loves it. She's a skinny-minny so I figure it must work.

I went Wednesday for my free pass workout and enjoyed it so much, I joined. Last night was my second visit and I'm loving it even more!

I've also decided to put away my scale and let them do the measuring. It's on the calendar to be measured once a month. Now I need to set a goal. How many inches lost would be a good goal? I'm planning on my prize being a new bracelet...diamond, maybe.


Tracey said...

Good luck. Can I skip the exercise and just get the prize? :)

Amy said...

Congrats! Oh, and don't worry about the weight thing. When you do it right, it takes longer and stays off. SO, that is the best part. Keep it up girl. :o)

Nikki said...

I was a member of Curves until those hurricanes came a few years back. After then, I got preg and could not exercise due to bedrest for my IC. I need to go again...but Im going to buy a treadmill instead. It was fun though!