Sunday, January 04, 2009


Yes, I said ahhhhh, it's Sunday. I mean that in a good way for now. I enjoy Sundays when Daddeee is home. He normally works but since he was off for New Year's Day, Friday and Saturday, he decided to take an extra day and make it a mini-vacation.

On Sundays when he's home, we have this ritual of sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, and sharing the Sunday paper. It's so relaxing. The kids eat their breakfast, play with toys at the table, or color pictures. Well Gooey does this. We use these opportunities to make The Teenager write thank you notes and such.

Other than this, the laundry's going, Daddeee and The Teenager have gone to Lowes to buy me a new kitchen faucet, and Gooey's about to go down for a nap. Later today, we're going to Mom's house for dinner.

My "Ahhhh, it's Sunday" will change to a different meaning later tonight. It'll become the sadness of the weekend being over and another week of work looming over me. I have started a ritual on Sundays that really helps with this, though.

I strip my bed on Sunday morning and wash all the bedding. I know this isn't something out of the ordinary but I make it extra special. Normally, I use a cheapy brand of fabric softener but for my sheets and blankets, I reserve the good stuff: the April fresh Downy. There's nothing like crawling into bed with crispy, clean sheets that smell heavenly. For me, this makes crawling into bed Sunday night something to actually look forward to.

Here's to a brand new week in a brand new year with a brand new kitchen faucet...

...and clean sheets!

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