Saturday, January 03, 2009


I had to work today while the rest of the family remained at home all snug in their beds. I awoke with a mild headache and hit the acetaminophen bottle before I left for work.

I was fine up until about noon when a full-fledged, brain-numbing, nausea-inducing migraine set in. I don't get these very often but when I do, look out.

My boss came by and asked if I was ok because she said I was extremely pale and my eyes looked like I'd been crying for days. Unfortunately, I had a major project going on and couldn't leave. I muddled through the day (thank goodness I sit near the ladies room or the poor janitor wouldn't have liked me).

At 3:30 I almost called Daddeee to come get me but didn't want to deal with getting my van home this weekend so I managed to drag myself into the driver's seat and drive home. Luckily, traffic wasn't heavy because of the holiday and I made good time.

Once home, I stripped from my dress clothes, slipped into my jammies, took yet another acetaminophen, and crawled into bed.

Three hours later, I woke up to my little Gooey boy singing in his room. I still had the headache but it was much more manageable. Daddeee had replenished my supply of Excedrin Migraine so I took a couple of those and dragged myself down to the couch.

So here I am now at 1:30am wide awake. I have that hungover feeling I always get after a migraine. If I'm going to suffer feeling this hangover, I at least want to have the experience of the fun drunk of the night before.

At least I have the entire weekend to recuperate. It'll probably take that long.

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