Saturday, January 10, 2009


I don't have much to blog about today. It's my birthday weekend and we started Mommeee-gras (hehe a play on Mardi Gras) last night.

We went to mom's house last night for cocktails and pizza with friends. It started out as a really good evening and Papa Murphy's makes the best pizza EVER!

The evening ended with one of mom's friends bringing up a certain situation with one of my sisters that has me really upset so we left. It's a long story about my sister that I haven't really wanted to blog about because I'm so ashamed of her. Maybe soon I'll tell you about it.

Then I awoke this morning and discovered we have no coffee. It's the end of the world. My body isn't accustomed to waking on it's own and I think it's rebelling against me. I'd go get some but when I let the dog out, it's snowing and cold and I'd rather just curl back up into my bed and forget about the rest of the world.

This sucks! It's my birthday weekend and I feel depressed. If I'm depressed on my birthday it's not supposed to be because of crappy family but because I'm turning 39.

Gotta shake it off!

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AmyG said...

Happy Birthday!!

I'm sorry last night ended rough & you have no coffee. I'm headed to the store in a minute... want me to pick you up some. ;o)

I hope the rest of the weekend is good!