Wednesday, July 29, 2009


haha! The title made me laugh after I typed it.

No, I'm not talking about how my youngest pants look after he's enjoyed a creamy ice cream cone on a warm summer eve but instead, a short snippet about something he said (formerly gooey-isms but he's outgrowing that).

Tonight, we're sitting at the dinner table enjoying our usual chatter. Talk about the t-shirt website, enrolling The Teenager in school this evening, and how my workday was were major topics.

Joining into the conversation, Gooey pops off with "When I was a kid..."

What? When did you change from being a kid? You're 3, son. You're still a kid.

He's 3 and talking to me as if he's an old man. Should I change the title to Geezer Shorts? Hmmm. He's a hoot.

What's even funnier is that I can't remember the rest of his story. I couldn't get past, "When I was a kid..."

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