Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I'll admit something to you.

I'm a cheapskate. I come by it honestly since my dad was one too.

I hate to pay high prices for anything. I'd rather use the cheaper brand of something (most of the time, the off-name brand is just as good if not better).

When I shop for things such as bath soap, I normally choose the cheapest, decent product I can find.

Then one of my closest friends introduced me to coupons. Now I can buy more expensive products and pay the lower prices!

I've discovered this to be one of my favorite products EVER!

I love the smell.

I love how soft it makes my skin.

I love that I can find good deals on it with coupons.

I have a stockpile of it (for fear the company will discontinue it).

This one is the only scent I've tried. I can't make myself try another scent because I love this one so much.

Dear Nivea,

Don't ever take this product away from me. I'd be lost without it.


I am not being paid to endorse this product. I say that I like it because I like it. However, if someone wants to pay me for using it, I wouldn't stop them.

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Mommy's adventures said...

Aren't coupons a wonderful thing!!!