Tuesday, April 18, 2006


We went to Bama & Papa's for Easter weekend. It's the first time we've been to their house in 2 years. It's only a 3 hour drive but it seems difficult to make trips there. It could possibly be that Hubster feels that his dad is critical of him so he doesn't like to visit often (This is a whole other story that I won't go into today).

I didn't take very many pictures so I took some of all 3 of my men on the way home. Little Brother slept almost the whole way home. Big Brother didn't sleep at all. Midway through the trip, I moved to the middle seat in the van to feed Little Brother.

(Look at my Hubster...isn't he looking studly these days? I can't believe we've been together for 13 years now.)

While we were there, we visited Hubster's cousin that had a new baby April 10th. She's a doll! She seemed so tiny compared to Little Brother. It's amazing how much a little one can grow in just 3 months.

***This post is a day late because Hubster and I spent all of Monday watching the first season of the Sopranos. I'm an addict now!**

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